Polishing Optics

Due to high demand of optical flat products, made out of glass, Zerodur or ceramic material, a flat polishing machine is constantly operational at Mesu-Optics. This polishing machine has a turning table with a diameter of 1 meter. At the moment it produces optical flats with a diameter of 300mm with an accuracy of 50 nanometer until the edge of the glass disk.

The Lapmaster polishing machine for optical flats with high accuracy.

Also the demand of spheric- and aspheric products like telescope mirrors made out of glas (BK7, Zerodur etc.) is rising. For that reason Mesu-Optics has a double excentric polishing machine operational. With this polishing machine quality mirrors until a diameter of 300mm can be produced with an accuracy of 1/10λ. Furthermore there is a Loh PM-500 machine for mirrors until a diameter of 500mm.

The double excentric polishing machine for spheric- and aspheric optics with high accuracy.